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About Us

Upholding the spirit of "cultivating students according to their respective characters and schools’ positioning strategies", the University’s Higher Education SPROUT Project is developed oriented to "deepening, recreation, inter-discipline, innovation and sustainability" and "Advanced Learning Outcome 2.0". Together with the university’s characteristics and development direction and targets, this project is divided into three stages – the groundbreaking period (2018), practice period (2019-2020) and deepening period (2021-2222) – through 4 plans and 14 programs. The purposes thereof are to have a flipped teaching model; cultivate teachers and students’ interdisciplinary cooperation and integration abilities, and the ability to address social concerns; and to create new learning values and fulfill the University’s social responsibility.


Implement teaching innovation and enhance teaching quality

  • Promote the "Push-Pull" students real-time self-learning and counselling support system.
  • Optimize students’ physical and virtual learning environment.
  • Deepen the diverse and on-demand learning assistant system.
  • Promote diverse award and subsidy mechanisms that facilitate students’ learning outcome.
  • Implement diverse mechanisms that evaluate and guarantee students’ learning outcome.
  • Enhance students’ employability that allows them to put knowledge into practice.
  • Deepen the professional growth mechanism.
  • Enhance supportive and friendly digital teaching environment and resources.
  • Promote mission-oriented teaching and interdisciplinary teacher communities.
  • Systematize teaching assistant and teaching collaboration systems.
  • Promote the teacher excellence and innovation award subsidy mechanism.
  • Further improve teacher evaluation and diverse upgrade system.
  • Further improve teaching evaluation and implement a teaching system that weighs counselling and caring equally.
  • Promote the multilingual language development mechanism.
  • Foster students’ competence in using and applying programming languages.
  • Further improve creative general teaching and courses.
  • Promote reorganization with respect to college substantiation.
  • Establish interdisciplinary (interdepartmental) creative course module.
  • Implement spontaneous interaction and common good oriented learning.
  • Establish a course and results-based evaluation mechanism.
  • Establish an office dedicated to experiments and a classroom for creative experiments.
  • Bridging of industrial and academic views – co-teaching by professional lecturers and industry experts.
  • Promote innovative industrial cooperation to enlarge students’ industrial and academic views.
  • Offer professional growth opportunities for teachers.
  • Announce results and link with the industry.
  • Create a school atmosphere that integrates creativity, creations and entrepreneurship.
  • Establish Team Academy among students.
  • Establish and maintain the "teaching and learning database management and integration system".
  • Develop analysis and application measures for teaching quality issues.
  • Establish evaluation questionnaire and implementation mechanisms.
  • Increase the school admission opportunity for students of minority group.
  • Deepen the overall counseling services offered to students of minority group.
  • Implement the University’s school affairs management mechanism and capability.
  • Establish the alumni career e-connection system and diverse school information disclosure channels.
  • Implement self-improvements and sustainable operations
  • Establish "Higher Education SPROUT Project Office"
  • Implement project execution and school affairs development and quality control mechanisms.

Lift publicity for higher education

Develop university’s characteristics

  • Cultivate interdisciplinary talents of international innovative teaching and experimental education.
  • Cultivate gold-winning athletes and interdisciplinary talents of sports, leisure and healthcare.
  • Cultivate interdisciplinary talents of metropolitan creativity/ culture and software design.
  • Cultivate interdisciplinary talents for the sustainable development of ideal city
  • Deepen international deployment and infrastructure.
  • Develop and set up international courses.
  • Promote diverse international exchanges in education.
  • Develop a kinetic energy enhancement program for elderly living in Taipei.
  • Construct diverse innovative elderly lessons that have an active ageing structure.
  • Promote “Active Ageing Sports Institute”.
  • Establish a "borderless school and community participation center".
  • Promote professional and service-learning lessons merged with practice and social care.
  • Establish an elderly and children companionship platform for Taipei.

Fulfill social responsibility